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790 Series

790M (1-1/2 hr) Fire Rated Mineral Core (MC) 5 & 7 – Ply

Hardwood Veneer / MDO / HDF or High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL)

WDMA: FD-90 / FD-90 HPDL 3 or 5 Bonded core
AWS: FD-90 / FD-90 HPDL 3 or 5 Bonded core

WDMA: FD-90 7 – Bonded core
AWS: FD-90 7 – Bonded core

Unless specified otherwise all doors are constructed to Extra Heavy Duty performance levels.

Warranty: Lifetime for interior use only. See Vancouver Door Warranty.

Blocking Options: For undercutting and specialized hardware. Must be specified if required. See “Blocking Adds” page

Available Rating Options For 790M

Fire Ratings

STC Ratings

  • Standard construction = STC 35.
  • Lites – Recommended glazing systems must be used to obtain the maximum STC rating which may conflict with fire rating requirements.

Currently not tested or approved for pairs or doors with transoms.

See the STC Transmission Information.

LEED Credits

  • MR 4.1 – Recycled Content: 10%
  • MR 4.2 – Recycled Content: 20%
  • EQ 4.4 – Low Emitting Materials – No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)
  • Low VOC’ s on all finishes.
  • All products conform to “CARB” Phase II requirements.

See our “LEED” Matrix for additional information.

Available Construction Options For 790M

  • Pairs & Set matches.
  • Vision Lites – Various shapes & sizes. Glazed or unglazed.
  • Louver – Up to 1296 sqin max.

Sized, beveled & machined for just about any specified surface, concealed or electrified hardware and Prefinished.

Click here to download PDF version.

Vancouver Door Company, Puyallup WA.