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Voice Level


The range of sound frequencies in these tests is that of human speech and hearing, and in most cases the level of attenuation achieved does not totally eliminate but rather muffles the sound to an unintelligible level. The chart show right compares the level of speech that would be heard through a door system having the indicated active (active STC rating is for an operable system as contrasted to the sealed-in-place rating of the door only).

Active STC Rating / Level of Speech

STC – 30 / Loud speech understood
STC – 35 / Loud speech but not understood
STC – 40 / Loud speech audible murmur
STC – 45 / Some loud speech barely audible
STC – 48 / Hearing strained to hear loud speech
STC – 50 / Loud speech not audible

Flush type doors available 1-1/2″ thicknessResidential use acoustical flush door.

Image of sound door with relite at the top of the door

Flush doors with a variety of hardwood veneer faces and custom light opening designs.

Image of sound door with square relite at the top of the door

French patio doors with a wide choice of veneers in stile and rail construction with full glass.

Image of door with relite at the top and door handle

Image of door with square relite at the top with door handle

Doors with raised panel mouldings.PLANT ON MOULDING DESIGN
Available in all STC ratings.
Other designs available.