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Vision Lites


Vision Lites, Stops and Glazing

Vision lites can be provided in all of our products in just about any shape, size or configuration required, from small, narrow, half, full, square, rectangular, round or oval. Combinations of lites may also be provided granted the overall area does not exceed the maximum allowed area for warranty or fire rating restrictions (Please check with our sales or technical department for limitations). Both wood and metal vision stop can be supplied upon request. We can also provide factory glazing.
Below are just some examples of vision lites utilizing our typical stop.

Small Lites

Small vision lites can be of various geometric shapes and are typically provided in single or multiple layouts.

Narrow Lites

Narrow vision lites are common for many applications that require a larger area of vision than small lites but do not remove asmuch of the door material as half or full lite doors. The dimension from vision lite to edge of door or lock prep must not exceed 5” for warranty or fire ratings.

Half and Full Lites

Half and Full vision lites allow for optimal openings in the door. Full vision lites give the highest level of light through and/or visible clearance. To maintain the entegrity and warranty Structural Composite Lumber Core (SCLC) must be used on all doors that are to receive full lites.

We supply two types of wood bead stop (shown on the left) in various species to match face. There are other profiles available through special request and can be utilized for different thicknesses of glass. The type of vision kit supplied will depend on the type of product it is to be used with. IE: only the VS-230 Lip Stop can be used for 20 minute fire rated doors and for HPDL doors.

Metal vision kits can be supplied for other products like 45, 60 & 90 minute rated doors that have different glazing requirements or where security is an issue.

The picture below shows the installation of glazing in a 20 minute rated door.

 Glazing in a 20 minute rated door

Click here to download PDF version.

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